LPL Profiles

  • Karen K. GreeneOpen or Close

    CPP, President, LifePackLabs

    Ms. Greene, CPP, is currently President, LifePackLabs, a packaging testing laboratory and a MOCON/Life Packaging Technology business. Ms. Greene is also the Vice President, Life Packaging Technology LLC, a packaging engineering consulting and services firm. She has been a packaging engineering industry professional for over 30 years. Ms. Greene holds a Bachelor of Arts, Biology, degree from Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA and a professional certificate in engineering management from University of CA, San Diego. She is a certified packaging professional, CPP, the Co- President of the southern California Chapter of the Institute of Packaging Professionals and is a committee chairperson of the IoPP Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee and national board member of IoPP. Ms. Greene is a member of the ASTM F02, Flexible Barrier Packaging committee. She is an ISTA 7E (thermal design and validation) certified auditor.

    Ms. Greene is a lead industry consultant for medical device and pharmaceutical package development, validation and production implementation projects and has solved problems related to sterile barrier package integrity, package design, test method development and test method validation and packaging quality related issues, utilizing testing expertise throughout. Her expertise extends to cold chain packaging issues, as well. She has held leadership positions with Edwards Lifesciences and IMED Corporation for teams responsible for packaging engineering, documentation, configuration management and label development functions within the medical device industry.

    Ms. Greene is sought after for her expertise in developing action plans for compliance to international packaging regulatory standards as well as solving packaging performance problems. Ms. Greene has developed packaging testing expertise through her direct employment and consulting experience which includes decades of executing packaging validation plans and packaging development programs. She has authored several articles, presented at numerous conferences and conducted webinars on the topic of medical packaging, statistical rationale development for packaging validations and packaging testing issues.

  • Steve GreeneOpen or Close
    Steve Greene

    VP Operations, LifePackLabs

    Mr. Greene is a founding member of Life Packaging Laboratories LLC. He is a 1981 graduate of The College of the Holy Cross where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics. He served on active-duty as an officer in the United States Navy for 30 years, retiring at the rank of Captain. While in the Navy, Mr. Greene was designated a naval aviator, and qualified as a helicopter pilot, instructor pilot, maintenance check flight pilot, and shipboard officer-of-the deck. He served in the highest unit level executive positions in the Navy, commanding operational and training helicopter squadrons, and an amphibious assault carrier. Mr. Greene also managed helicopter squadron maintenance and aviation quality assurance. Since retiring from the Navy, Mr. Greene has held a civilian position in the Department of the Navy in aviation policy, plans, requirements and strategic communications.

  • Stuart LongOpen or Close

    VP Sales and Technology, LifePackLabs

    Mr. Long is currently Vice President Sales & Technology for LifePackLabs. Mr. Long is also the President & Founder of Life Packaging Technology LLC, a packaging engineering consulting firm. Mr. Long is a graduate from Michigan State University School of Packaging. He holds a Masters of Management degree from the University of Redlands. Mr. Long is an active member in the Institute of Packaging Professionals. He is a founding certified auditor for ISTA 7E 'Thermal Design and Validation'. Mr. Long has spent his entire 32 year professional career in the packaging sciences.

  • MOCON Inc.Open or Close

    MOCON is an international manufacturing company headquatered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA and brings decades of experience supporting pharmaceutical, medical device and food companies who require testing services, design consulting and advanced testing all designed to enable customers get their products to market faster, save development time and expense, overcome staffing shortages challenges, uncover hidden product failure causes and ensure a products success. MOCON's contribution to LifePackLabs includes instrumentation, sales support, marketing and experience. MOCON is recognized as the market leader in high-quality permeation systems, leak detectors, headspace analyzers, and instruments for analyzing and controlling Modified Atmosphere Packaging gases. These analytical instruments can be used with a variety of structures and products to determine shelf life and permeation of oxygen, water vapor, and other molecules.